Showing your hard-earned Facebook reviews on your website used to be such a chore. You'd need to access your Facebook Page and select each review you want to display one-by-one. 

Besides all of the time lost, it can get really confusing to handle all of that code.

But that's a thing of the past thanks to ReviewEmbed.

Here's how to display your Facebook reviews on your site using ReviewEmbed in 5 simple steps:

Step #0: Make sure you have a Facebook Page!

It will be challenging to show reviews from Facebook if you don't have a Facebook Page to review! A common misunderstanding is that reviews on Facebook is exclusively for businesses. Turns out you can and should use Facebook Pages for any type of project, and by extension can benefit from people leaving reviews about your project.

Reviews can be used for a variety of projects, just the same way you might expect to set up multiple Facebook pages for different projects, be it personal projects or separate sections or products offered by your company.

If you don't have a Facebook page yet, take a look at this handy WikiHow article on how to create a Facebook page explaining how to set one up in great detail.

Once you've got a Facebook page up, you're ready to move to the next step.

Step #1: Sign up for ReviewEmbed if you haven't yet

The first actual step is optional -- in fact, we'll outline exactly how to embed a Facebook review without ReviewEmbed, and then you'll see why it would make no sense to ever do that again under any circumstance. 🙊

First, we'll go back to Step 0. The Facebook page you've set up can receive reviews as long as you add a phone number and address to the page. 

Once you've added an address, anyone on Facebook will be able to leave a review on your page ranging from one to five stars.

Naturally, this is one of the most important elements to a service business; people are constantly looking out for the best reviews on the assumption that a business that has good reviews must be a business that is easy to deal with.

That means it is in your interest to (a) drive as many positive reviews to your page and (b) make sure to highlight these reviews once you get them.

Reviews your page receives live at the URL:{YOUR_PAGE_ACCOUNT_NAME}/reviews

For example, you can find all of ReviewEmbed's reviews on this page:

Users can browse through Recent reviews, Helpful reviews and sort reviews by star rating. As an admin, I can choose to embed a review I've received any time by expanding the "..." field at the top-right of any review and choosing "Embed".

When you click "Embed" a modal will appear showing you some code you're expected to copy and paste into your website. We cover integrations for a variety of different platforms in the Integrations Help Section. 

Now, this is fine if you only want to show a single review. It will show up great and with a familiar Facebook look and feel -- but that's not necessarily a good thing.

As a website owner, you want elements on your website to look as on-brand and unique as possible. If everyone out there ends up embedding Facebook reviews, you'll fail to actually stand out while people will gloss over reviews you've worked so hard to earn. 

That's one of the reasons why ReviewEmbed exists. It makes the process of embedding reviews painless and automatic; you can embed multiple reviews at the same time and package them up into a beautiful widget you can customize with the look and feel of your website. 

Here's how our Facebook reviews look using our slide-in tool, which can show up on every page if you want it to:

That's a unique way to recycle reviews that would otherwise look bland and unimpressive. We are proud of our work and are very proud to show off why our customers love using our software -- and our website visitors, like you, can get a true appreciation of what kind of company stands behind that kind of thinking.

So do yourself a favour and pick up a ReviewEmbed account -- the Basic plan is totally free to use and you can learn more about Pro pricing if you want to -- and and follow along to find out how to embed Facebook, Google and Yelp reviews.

Step #2: Create a Brand on ReviewEmbed

Signing up takes a few seconds going through our home page. If for some reason, you're not logged into Facebook at that moment, you'll be asked to sign up with Facebook and may be asked to provide page permissions.

From there, the Brand Create panel will automatically open for your convenience:

Enter your brand name and click on "Add a brand".

This brand will contain permissions for review websites like Facebook, Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and many more in the future. If you manage more than one brand, simply come back to the brands page create another brand. Simple. 👌

Step #3: Create a review widget for the website you've chosen

With a brand created, the next step is to create your first widget. On the sidebar on the left of the page, you'll find a "Widgets" is accessible now that you've created a brand.

The Widgets Page is the place to create new review widgets for a variety of platforms. You're free to mix-and-match platforms or keep it vanilla. The choice is yours. The power is in your hands.

When you choose to create a new widget, the first thing you need to do is select which brand this widget will be created for (since you might have many brands).

As soon as you select a brand, you'll then be asked to select which platforms you're going to pick reviews from. In my case, that's Facebook, and I'm asked to choose the Facebook page that matches up to my brand.

Now, we're ready to select our reviews!

First, we'll pick the look and feel of our widget. We've got five options. The first four are available during the widget creation:

If you're wondering what each template can do, don't worry -- we'll be able to preview our widget and can go back and forth during the creation wizard using the side arrows (or by swiping if you're on mobile).

  • The Simple Widget simply lists each review as a list that is as long as the amount of reviews you choose to show. Could be one, could be a hundred. Up to you.
  • The Carousel Widget is probably the most versatile template you can use anywhere on your website. It packages up all of the reviews you pick into a beautiful carousel that is mobile and touch friendly.
  • The Slide-in Widget should be used on every single page on your website; it sticks to the bottom of the web page neatly referencing your reviews. You can start it opened or closed.
  • The Grid Widget is great for full Testimonial sections. It's a large unit that works well in groups of 3 reviews, like three, six, nine, twelve reviews and so on.

Choose your preferred template to get started. In this case, we'll go with Slide-in.

In the case of the Slide-in template, additional settings are available before choosing reviews, and we can see them here:

I like to keep my Slide-in widget closed so as not to overwhelm my visitors, but different contexts call for different options; so the choice if yours. 

We always recommend enabling the option to automatically add reviews to your widget as you receive them. Helps keep things nice and fresh so visitors only see recent reviews. 🏆

Note that you'll receive an email notification whenever you receive new reviews, and inside that notification you'll find some information about when your reviews will update, based on your membership. Pro accounts widgets' reviews refresh hourly.

Step #4: Select the reviews you care about as you create your widget

This last part is self-explanatory: pick the reviews you want to show on your widget. 

The interesting bit here is that you are free to select exactly which reviews you wish to display on your website. You can spread 4-star and 5-star reviews or go for a perfect slate. 

The choice is yours, but tread carefully; if someone chooses to visit your Facebook, Google or Yelp page, they will have access to see all of your reviews, so it is never a good idea to try totally hiding bad reviews.

Step #5: Copy and paste the provided review widget code on your site

Once you're done selecting reviews, click on "Save" and you'll find we've prepared a small snippet of code to paste into your website. 

Except when you paste this piece of code, what you'll find is a beautiful, unique representation of why your customers love you. 🏆🔥

Get started embedding your Facebook reviews using ReviewEmbed today!

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