At ReviewEmbed, our goal is to build a tool that helps us make the most out of the reviews we work so hard to earn. 

Ahead of adding many new platform integrations like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google, OpenTable and many more, we asked you for feedback and are thankful for all the great insights you took the time to share with us.

In light of that, we're happy to share the most recent improvements to the platform, built to satisfy the needs of our members. 

Take a look:

New features

  • Due to popular demand, we've added the ability to automatically add new reviews to a widget as you get them. This feature is available for all users. Basic account refreshes reviews weekly. Pro accounts are refreshed hourly. Enable this option in the widget creation wizard (shown below).
  • We've also added the ability to load the Slide-in Tool opened/closed. This option can be found in the Additional Settings section when you create or edit a widget (shown above).
  • You'll now receive an email whenever you receive new reviews with a convenient notification on which widgets will be updated with your new reviews and when the refresh will happen. 
  • We're introducing the ReviewEmbed Helpdesk (you're on it!) and Review Marketing Blog which include valuable articles on how to get the most out of ReviewEmbed and using reviews to grow your business. Our friend Hodor will be adding and maintaining this section regularly!
  • We've added a button in Widget Creation to let you select all reviews when creating a widget, a popular request amongst members (seen below)
  • We've added convenient filtering options to the review list to make it easier to sift through which reviews you want to show.
  • Finally, the Carousel and Slide-in tools are now part of the Basic plan!

💡 If you need your reviews to update more often than on a weekly basis, upgrade to Pro and reviews will refresh hourly. remember to log in and enable that option!

Other Fixed Issues & Improvements

  • Renamed Websites to Brands as we prepare to add new platform integrations like Yelp, Google & TripAdvisor
  • The Facebook icon on the Slide-in Tool was moved to save space, as requested by many Pro members
  • Fixed a bug where the reviews chosen in the review creation step wouldn’t actually display on the widget
  • Fixed a bug where showing more reviews would display the same reviews
  • Fixed a layout issue with the Grid Tool that prevented it from displaying properly on a few screen sizes
  • Fixed an issue that prevented more than one widget from being displayed on a same web page

Our intention is to keep adding new features, making improvements and fixing any open issues on a regular basis with the aim to release on a regular two-week schedule.

If you haven't yet, please take a moment to share your feedback with us, as it helps prioritize and organize which features come out first!

Until next time! ✌️
The ReviewEmbed Team

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