Setting up a ReviewEmbed widget on a website is easy. Takes just a couple of seconds.

What's not obvious is when the website you're trying to embed on refuses any JavaScript changes. Wordpress is one such website platform, and by default, your ReviewEmbed widget won't work out of the box with Wordpress.

While we work to rectify that by creating a dedicated Wordpress plugin for ReviewEmbed, here's a simple work-around that will work for you 99% of the time.

Here are the things you'll need:

1. A ReviewEmbed Account

Naturally, you'll need a ReviewEmbed account with which to create review widgets.

2. Widget Code

With your ReviewEmbed account, create a widget and copy the code given by the application to paste into your website.

3. Download and Install the Shortcoder Wordpress plugin.

This is the work-around we'll be using -- it's a simple Wordpress plugin that allows custom HTML to be wrapped up into a "short code". 

Once installed, go to the Shortcoder section and create a new shortcode.

Give your shortcode a name (i.e. "widget1") and paste the ReviewEmbed code into the provided HTML section.

When you hit save, the shortcode will be created and become available for you to use across your Wordpress website using [sc=""] and the name of the shortcode (i.e. [sc="widget1"]).

That's it!

Create a new shortcode anytime you want to add a separate widget. Once your shortcode and widget code is added, you're free to modify the widget from within ReviewEmbed.

Happy embedding!

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